How to Make Money

It is way too easy to make money these days. First things first, you need to position yourself in a way that people will want to give you money. Think about running a business, why would you hire yourself? What do you bring to the table that is worth something to your organization? If you do not believe in yourself, why should anyone else? The following is not a complete list, just a few ideas to inspire you to either make some money on the side or an all out career.

Human Intelligence Tasks

I, Robot
Through Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can find plenty of different little tasks that can take a few minutes or a lot longer to complete. It is all home based and up to you. If you have the drive to make lots of money using this then that is exactly what will happen.


Justin Bieber YouTube
Do you have a lot of knowledge about a certain thing or two? Blog about it, then blog about it some more and keep blogging about it. Eventually others who have similar interests will find your blog. Throw some ads up there via Google Ad Sense and/or Commission Junction and just let your words rake in the dough. It does not have to be in a blog format either, throw up some YouTube videos and select the option to have ads displayed in your videos. Better yet, if you can sing, throw some songs out there. If you suck the internet will let you know and you can try blogging about your failed YouTube singing career. If you are good then Usher will find you. Even if you are not at that level you will have at least made some cash just by trying.


Good Will Hunting
Is being a Mechanical Turk too complicated or have nothing to blog/vlog about? If you feel you are useless then you probably are. Go to college and get yourself some skills! Educating yourself is the best way to make some money. If you can’t afford driving to a campus or too busy with your Second Life character for such things then you can try online schools such as the University of Phoenix. If you can’t afford college then MIT OpenCourseWare is free education if you have the drive. If even that is too formal, for a lot of things you can just google how to do. Just figure out how to do something that someone is willing to pay you for.


Mr. Feeny
Blogging and vlogging is basically teaching someone about something. If you are not good enough for people to follow you regularly then you may want to teach through another medium such as an actual school. Get yourself a teaching certificate and if you like little kids, teach elementary school. If you like art, be an art teacher. If you like to work out, be a Physical Education Teacher or an actual physical trainer. If you show a passion for teaching you will make some serious buck as people will pay a lot for a high caliber educator.

Uber/Lyft Driver

The Transporter 2
If teaching is not really your thing and you just like to drive around, being an Uber or Lyft driver might be your thing. To take advantage, sign up for both so you can grab anyone wanting transportation regardless of type of service.


Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
If you work hard at something you can get good at it. If you work harder than someone else you will display a value that people will want to pay a premium for. If you build a really cool app that everyone wants, people will make you a billionaire.

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