X-Men: Apocalypse

This was much slower paced than the first two but still very enjoyable and still a whole lot better than the first X Trilogy. There will be lots of spoilers here so if you have yet to see it yet, please stop reading and come back another day. Just make sure you stay through all the credits to get to the bonus scene. It’s not immediately after so feel free to hop out and use the restroom (it’s running at 2 hours and 23 minutes after all, plus even longer if you got there on time to watch the trailers).

“It started out really well since they took the time out to explain each one’s powers but then kind of dragged on but I still liked it.”
– Mrs. Bonam

Last warning… and we are off!

Looks like Fox had so much fun breaking the fourth wall with Deadpool they decided to have a little fun with it via Jean Grey. Walking out of the movie theater she says, “everyone knows the third movie is always the worst.” This was true for this film as well as the first X Trilogy where everyone dies along with the X-Men franchise if not for X-Men First Class saving the day.

Jean Grey

Starting off with Jean, Sansa Stark has done a wonderful job playing one of the most powerful mutants in the universe. I liked how they started to show her Phoenix power off and could very well be a central plot device in the next movie especially since it may involve Mr. Sinister.


In this universe it is Jean Grey who breaks Logan out of the Weapon X facility. Seems to be a lot of Jean Grey focus here which makes me think they will revisit the Dark Phoenix story line and do it better.


Not sure why they did not include the plane crash that caused Scott to have his eye problems instead of something completely random in a schoolroom. My guess is that it would then have to involve his dad who is in the Starjammers who have had run ins with the Guardians of the Galaxy who they do not have a license to use. What a supernova waste of such an awesome origin story already written in the stars.


That’s it? What a horrible way to end X-Factor’s leader and Cable’s uncle. Well, that is what I thought at first but they never did find his body and since Sinister (who loves to meddle with the Summers’ family) may be involved in the next movie, my guess is he may be returning.

Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch

As payback to Marvel for killing off Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fox killed off the Scarlett Witch with an arrow to the back. Poetic irony here as Quicksilver died saving arrow wielding Hawk Eye (who was saving Quicksilver’s gf’s little brother) in the other universe.


My favorite female mutant finally makes her film debut! While no one is wearing their X costumes (even the black flight suits Cyclops finds are horrendous), she is the only one that actually resembles her comic.


Finally! Though it was kind of weird seeing her as a real life person.

Bonus Scene

This was done pretty nonchalant, someone coming by the destroyed Weapon X facility to take Wolverine’s DNA. The teaser is when they do a close up on the suitcase revealing “Essex.” If you are an avid X-Men comic book reader then by now you know who the main bad guy for the next movie is going to be… Nathaniel Essex, aka Mr. Sinister!! Interesting since Sinister was involved with creating “Jean Grey” and Scott’s son Cable who just so happens to be making his film debut in Deadpool 2.

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