Star Trek Beyond

This was a pretty fun movie. They filmed it with a new technique called Barco Escape so if you are lucky enough to be near a Barco Escape theater take advantage. During the space scenes you get a feeling as if you were actually out there so if you are not near a Barco theater try to see it in IMAX to get maximum effect.

If you are an original Star Trek fan, there are plenty of homages to the old show and movies to give you happy feels. I was never into it back then but love the new movies and enjoyed it thoroughly. This was a little slower paced but better than Into Darkness but not as good as the first one. While a great stand alone movie, you really do need to see the first two to make sense of the minute details.

“You saw the first two without me?!” – Mrs. Bonam

Don’t bother staying through the credits, there is no bonus scene.

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