Captain America: Civil War

The latest Captain America movie is simply fun, beyond fun, and then more fun! I was able to watch in IMAX the first weekend it came out and again with Jani tonight since she was busy enjoying her Mother’s Day Weekend doing other things. Anyway, the basic premise of Civil War is a [super hero] family falling apart from the inside. There will be many spoilers here so if you have not watched it yet, please stop, go watch it a few times and come back.

“It was okay, not as good as the first two but better than the Avengers.”
– Mrs. Bonam

Final warning, massive spoilers ahead… ok.. let’s go!

Black Widow

The ultimate double agent. She fits her character to the T here, playing both sides. Watching the second time I caught that she was planning on this from the very beginning at Peggy Carter’s funeral, telling Cap she did not want him to be alone even though Falcon was there.

Captain America’s GF

Agent 13 and the Cap are finally an item. Falcon and Winter Soldier watching it enfold from their “getaway” car is completely hilarious.

Scarlett Witch

I hate that they made Magneto’s daughter a product of Hydra and an Infinity Stone and killed off her brother. This is just spiteful. I would be mopey too.

Ant Man

I thought his movie was going to flop, I was wrong. I thought his inclusion in the Avengers was going to bomb. Once again, so wrong. This dude is so much fun. Now that bonus scene at the end of his movie makes sense.


This is a great sidekick. I feel for him, always getting beat up for Cap. Speaking of kicks, his swoop in and double kick is quite possibly one of the coolest movie kicks ever if not for…

Black Panther

I never read this guy’s comics so I can not really say whether he pulled it off or not but he was so cool. His acrobatic kicks against Captain America’s shield at the airport are simply the coolest. Speaking of…

The Airport Scene

This is like when you are a kid and basically having all your super hero action figures on the floor and you are fighting them against each other. It is simply so much fun watching it enfold in real time before your very eyes. This was simply the best action sequence in any movie other than the first Matrix. In terms of fun, this is tops.

The Winter Soldier

Biggest reveal of the movie is Bucky killing Iron Man’s parents. That fight scene with Bucky and Cap throwing the shield back and forth while fighting Iron Man was simply jaw-dropping choreography.

Iron Man

I totally thought he was a goner when Captain America ripped his mask off and raised his shield. Stark thought so as well covering his face but instead Cap went for the arc reactor. It was theatrical symbolism to the T. They kept alluding to it even at the very beginning when he realized he had to bring his friend Captain America in. Then once he is shown Bucky killing his mom and dad and Cap already knowing it became too much. If that was not enough, the line with Captain America saying that Bucky is his friend and then Iron Man saying he was Cap’s friend was it. Saddest line of the movie. Then Cap just had to go for the heart, literally.

Spider Man

Tobey Maguire was too comical while Andrew Garfield seemed too serious. It’s like they just combined both of them together and came up with Tom Holland. Every second they showed Spidey was gold, easily the funnest character of the crew.

Bonus Scenes

There are two, one immediately after showing Bucky voluntarily getting frozen again in Wakanda under Black Panther’s protection and the second with Spidey back in NY. I cannot wait for his movie!


I loved it! The end was fitting for a family civil war with Captain America sending Tony that phone. No matter how bad family gets, even to the point of almost killing each other, you must always leave lines of communication open. I love that theme of vengeance in this movie and ultimately letting it go in order to move on.

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