Logan feels a little too similar to all the other X movies Fox has done until the very end. The closing scene is probably Fox’s best X scene and a fitting ending to Wolverine. That is not really saying much though since none of the X-Men movies ever really had a fitting beginning. The best X-Men entertainment other than the comic books is still X-Men: The Animated Series. Really, go watch them all and come back and you will feel the same.


Not a big fan of X-23’s origin here. If the movie is rated R, they should have just gone ahead with how they portrayed it in the comics. The other clones are gimmicky, this seems more like a setup.

Spoilers / Rant

Why does Fox hate mutants so much? It’s almost as if 20th Century Fox is run by Sentinels in human form. If Mutants are not dead they plan on killing them and on top of that do not even give them any decent endings. The movie rights issue between Marvel and Fox is horrible. This was the worst way for Professor X to go. Charles should of had his story end with Lilandra. Fox has her rights I believe, why they did not use her is beyond me other than making people think of Guardians of the Galaxy too much. Fox should just sell all their Marvel properties back to Marvel so it can be done correctly. At least Logan’s ending was in a way ok making him the last X-Man.

Bonus Scene

There is no bonus scene. The bonus is actually at the beginning with a little Deadpool 2 action. It makes total sense as it would take away from the ending. That is all.

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