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I actually started researching term life insurance companies last year. They all ended up being very time consuming. I spent way too much time talking on the phone to a variety of different insurance agents just getting the basic info down. Months went by before I finally followed up again.

One of my goals this year was to finally wrap up the life insurance process. When I called back to the company I selected my quote had gone up and had to start the process all over again since I had turned a year older. Frustrated I was ready to give up until I discovered Haven Life.

The Haven Life process is completely online and for people like me, very quick. I completed the simple form and was provided a conditional quote. I actually emailed the previous company a question that weekend. Before I even received a response on Monday I was done setting everything up with Haven Life before the weekend ended. For a lot of people you do not even need a medical exam. For us we did and they just came to our house one morning later in the week and wrapped it up. A few days later our 20 year term life policies were set and done.

If you are like me and do not have time talking to someone for hours and waiting days to get an exam this is for you! Plus the cost was actually less than half as much my current insurance company was quoting me. My insurance agent was trying to get me to buy his but after hearing my rates he was floored. He even started asking me questions on Haven Life’s process. I eventually just gave him the link to Haven Life’s FAQ page and that was that.

As an added bonus, Haven Life is not only highly rated and reviewed itself, but also backed by parent company MassMutual. They are a highly rated and reviewed insurance company on their own with an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of A++. This was higher than both my current insurance agent as well as the previous selection.

Why term life and not whole life insurance?

For us the plan is to have a decent amount in our retirement plans within 20 years. A 20 year term is just the right amount of time to tide us over just in case anything happens until then. If you have a family with kids I highly suggest you get life insurance for peace of mind.

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